Have a need for some great BBQ for that family picnic, party or company gathering?  We have it, whether its pulled pork, brisket, ribs or chicken.  Don’t hesitate to give Jed’s BBQ a call.  This is not a chain store that makes 1000’s of pounds of product and ships it to a store or chain for it to sit in a cooler till it’s needed.  Our pork, brisket, ribs AND chicken are made fresh and to order if needed.

Along with good BBQ, we also offer BBQ wood, rubs (it’s a noun, not a verb) and accessories.  If you don’t see it here, let me know and I will do the leg work for you.


Our background:

Being a resident of California, Texas, Pittsburgh and now the Lehigh Valley has exposed us to a broad range of fare.

CALIFORNIA – I remember when I was young, living in California going to the swap meet (if you don’t know, then you really don’t know), walking with my father looking for anything.  That’s right, the swap meet had anything.  California having a heavy influence from Mexico, Mexican food was in an abundance, tacos, burritos, the moles (not the animal or unit of measure), just thinking about it makes want to buy a plane ticket.  So while at the swap meet, we would often get tacos there, and boy do I like me some tacos.  You could get just about anything is a corn tortilla, but then, mine was steak.  A good authentic taco just has the meat and some chopped onions with a little cilantro – that’s it, no cheese, lettuce, tomato, sour cream!  The only other thing to add was the salsas.  They had green, red, brown, yellow, I’m sure if you looked hard enough, you would have found blue.  Adding a salsa to my tacos is where I got my first real taste of something hot.  Yes, I cried, and cried, and cried, but went back for more.  To this day, I love me a taco, even my daughter loves them, although she is more an Americanized version, when we sit down to dinner and eat tacos, I get a glimpse of those days in California as a little kid, with my dad.

TEXAS – At about age 10, I moved to Texas, this is where my love for BBQ flowered.  The time I remember eating BBQ was when my Dad made a brisket.  Oh ya, beef again.  It was a day at his wood working shop, had that brisket slow cooking all day, the smell permeated the hot summer air.  I think that was a day that I actually “worked for my food”.  Don’t ask me what I did, I just remember my Dad opening the grill and there is was in all its glory, a huge (so it seemed to me) thick flat steak looking piece of beef, smoking away.  I wanted that NOW!  But as I learned, with any good BBQ, slow and low is the law!  After a day of working (so I thought that’s what I was doing), it was finally time to tear into that brisket.  It was juicy, tender and had this awesome pink area around the edges.  What is that I thought, smoke ring I was told.  I thought those were those cool things people that smoked cigarettes could do.  But no, it was awesome to me, to see this beef, that looked like it was cooked medium rare, but around the edges.  Here in front of me, were these strips of meat, smelling sooo good, making my mouth water something fierce.  I took a piece of it, put it in my mouth and started chewing.  OH MY, the juices, the tenderness, the smokey flavor, I was in another world.  My dad had made the greatest piece of meat on earth!  I was so involved in the one bite, that it was like an out of body experience.  As I finished that bite, I thought to myself, its almost gone, what do I do, then I thought, I have more, I will get some.  That’s about the time I heard my dad calling my name a few times and saying, the dogs are eating your brisket, I was like what!  I looked at my plate and sure enough, nothing there, empty and bone dry!  The dogs had struck and took advantage of my euphoric state of mind, they were ruthless.  I felt like the father in “A Christmas Story”, when the Bumpus hounds ate his turkey.  But all was not lost, my dad, came through and gave me some more and I ate on top of the work bench were the dogs could not get to me.  It was a great moment again.  Now, I don’t have to wait till my dad makes his BBQ, because I’m a big boy and I have learned to make it myself and sorry dad, I think I would win in a competition.  But yours will always be my first!


And now, the LV – TBC

Now, if you put one cup of each of those different tastes in a blender, mix till smooth, you would have yourself one heck of a mess.  But what we can do is work from those influences and make some great food.  Have you ever had a pulled pork taco?  Give us a try, the smile on your face and hopefully the memory is at no extra charge.